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Match d’impro : remportez une des 2 paires de billets offerts!

Tentez votre chance de gagner l’une des deux paires de billets pour assister au Match International d’Improvisation! Cette année, pour célébrer La Journée internationale de la Francophonie (le 20 mars), Francophonie UK collabore avec plusieurs partenaires francophones pour vous apporter le meilleur de la culture québécoise et francophone ici à Londres. Le 22 mars, la […]

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Vive la Francophonie!

Every year in March, French speaking countries throughout the world celebrate « La Francophonie ». This year, Wallonia-Brussels International; in collaboration with The Institut Français, organises a contest to allow KS3 pupils to test their knowledge and learn more about French-speaking countries. Contest rules: Create a team (a maximum of 10 pupils) and choose a name for it Open […]

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Dis-moi dix mots – Edition 2015-2016

Dis-moi dix mots…” de l’édition 2015-2016 BP Art Exchange and the French Ministry of Education would like to invite you to participate in an exciting initiative exploring Art and Language. ‘Dis-moi dix mots… ’ is a project initiated by the French Ministry of Education, and the aim of this annual initiative is to encourage primary […]

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Vive la Francophonie 2017 !

Following on from the success of last year’s “Vive la Francophonie” Quiz, The High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom, in collaboration with the French Institute, is pleased to present a quiz to KS3 pupils during the Semaine de la Francophonie to celebrate the French Language and the French-speaking countries. Who? This quiz is […]