Vive la Francophonie!

Every year in March, French speaking countries throughout the world celebrate « La Francophonie ». This year, Wallonia-Brussels International; in collaboration with The Institut Français, organises a contest to allow KS3 pupils to test their knowledge and learn more about French-speaking countries.

Contest rules:

  1. Create a team (a maximum of 10 pupils) and choose a name for it
  2. Open the questionnaire and start reading the questions.
  3. Answer the questions as quickly as possible (maximum time : 1 hour). The first team which gets the most answers right wins. You get a bonus point for each answer in French.
  4. At the end, you will have more time to check your answers and try and improve your score to make it to the top 3 and win a prize!

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About the questionnaire :

As you know, La Francophonie  is defined by the Larousse Dictionary as « Ensemble des pays qui ont en commun l’usage, total ou partiel, de la langue française. »

So when we are talking about la Francophonie, we are thinking of several countries in which French is spoken.

In order to develop your knowledge on different aspects of La Francophonie, the questionnaire has been divided into 3 sections :

  1. General questions about the Francophonie
  2. More specific questions  about different countries
  3. Questions focussing on a particular country: Belgium. For this part, there will be 4 themes, each with easy questions and a difficult one at the end (in red).


French is spoken in two parts of the country : Brussels and Wallonia.

However, the French spoken there has some specificities, like different words and expressions. Learn more about Belgian expressions here.

You will also discover in this part that many food specialities you love and eat everyday are from Belgium.

You want more information about this contest? Please get it touch with Mélissa MILIOTO via e-mail, 

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