21/03 A Little Bit Further – Belgium

“A strange cube emerges from a vast moving sea – like a big square egg! Then two, four, six feet appear ready to take their first exciting steps in this vast world, helping and supporting each other as they play and explore their new world – like an exciting game, full of fun and surprises. They build a path and follow it, losing and finding each other again, venturing further and further and even a bit further until they seek shelter for the night, dreaming of the big wide world beyond.”

A Little Bit Further” is a multi-art performance by Collectif H2Oz with music and dance for everyone over 2 years old! This original show will be performed on March 21st 2019 at Aberystwyth Arts Centre (@10.45am and @1.15pm) during the Opening Doors Festival 2019, Wales’s international festival of performing arts for young audiences.

Watch the trailer here.